Financial Policy

At Utah Valley Endodontics we make every effort to provide you with the finest endodontic care and the most convenient financial options.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards.  We also accept check, cash, or debit cards.  We feel that we deliver the best care at the most reasonable cost to our patients, therefore payment is due at the time service is rendered unless other arrangements have been made in advance.  If you have questions regarding your account, please contact us at (801) 227-0511.  Many times a simple telephone call will clear up any misunderstandings.

Please remember you are fully responsible for all fees charged by this office regardless of your insurance coverage.

If You Have Dental Insurance

As a service to you, and for your convenience, we will file your insurance claim forms with the information you provide us at the time of your initial appointment.  We are preferred providers with many of the more common dental insurances.  Please contact us to find out if we are currently contracted providers on your plan.  

If we are preferred providers for your dental insurance we will try to provide you an estimate of what your respective carrier may pay.  What we tell you over the phone is an estimate only, not a guarantee of coverage.  Ultimately, you are responsible for the down payment/co-pay quoted over the phone IN FULL at the time of your appointment.  Much of your coverage depends on the specifics of your plan and how much of your annual benefit you have already used.  We cannot control what your insurance company will or will not pay.  We have found that some insurance companies do not cover all dental services.

If we are not preferred providers with your dental insurance company we can still provide treatment for you.  It is important for patients to know that if we aren’t providers on your plan, your dental carrier may not pay for any of the proposed treatment.  In these cases, a down payment of no less than $300.00 is required at the time of service. 

Whether we are providers on your plan or not, a dental claim will then be submitted to your respective dental insurance provider at the time of treatment.  Most insurance companies will respond within four to six weeks.  We will send you a monthly statement and upon receipt of payment from your insurance company, we will bill you for the outstanding balance or refund any overpayment directly to you.  Please call our office if your statement does not reflect your insurance payment within that time frame.  Any remaining balance after your insurance has paid is your responsibility.  Your prompt remittance is appreciated.

If You Do Not Have Dental Insurance

We offer two payment options if you do not have dental insurance.

  • 10% discount is available for payment in full at the time of the appointment. 
  • If you desire to make payment arrangements, our office works with a third party company called CareCredit.  CareCredit is a healthcare company that provides you with a line of credit for treatments and procedures.  Once you have applied you can use it repeatedly for anyone in your family.  We offer a six-month interest free payment plan through CareCredit.  You can apply for a line of credit with CareCredit through their website at .  We can also submit the application through our office at the time of your consultation/treatment.

Please be advised that CareCredit’s approval process is based upon the credit history of the applicant.  Utah Valley Endodontics cannot guarantee that your application for funding will be accepted.

If you have any problems or questions, please ask our staff.  They are well informed and up-to-date. They can be reached by phone at (801) 227-0511.